Meet AnnAnn Den Boer Real Estate Group

Ann Den Boer: Steadfast, Striving, Strong

Ann Den Boer spends her time matching people with their ideal home, using her eye for imagery, and building relationships all in the interest of servicing her clients. She is a strong, smart, capable woman with a keen sense of what people want, even when they don’t know it themselves. She started out in Corporate America, doing the backbreaking, long hours of a business executive, and she was thriving. But once she started having her children, she had to reevaluate what she wanted out of life and work.

Well, as the expression goes, fortune favors the bold, and when Ann’s own realtor pointed her in the direction of real estate, she jumped. And she has not regretted it one day since. Now she has the flexibility to be an involved and engaged mother to her kids, the autonomy to deliver for her clients on their terms, and the opportunity to put her matchmaking skills to good use: matching you to your dream house!

Driven by Satisfaction and Success

Ann’s number one in finding her own success is through the success of her clients. The vast majority of her clients come from word of mouth referrals, which is a clear indication that her reputation as a steady, invested, and empathetic realtor is critical to her growth. One of Ann’s greatest strengths is the ability to listen to her clients and “hear between the lines.” She takes it all in and listens closely to what they want. Then she works day in and day out to find that perfect house or get the price they want on their house sale. Ann strives with each of her clients to connect them to their dreams. She gets excited for them to see that perfect house, or see their for sale sign go up.

Ann is on a mission to stay up to date and fully educated on the market, on the best and most innovative ways to stage, to negotiate, and to close. She also places great value on keeping her clients educated and knowledgeable throughout their real estate transaction. This is not just a job for Ann. It is her purpose. She wants her clients to come to her, to call when they are in need, and to depend on her to take care of any real estate issue, big or small.

A House for Everyone and Everyone in a House

Ann imagines a reality where everyone who wants to be a homeowner finds that perfect house for them: the dream. She finds true, soul-deep joy in introducing her clients to their dream home. She’s got an uncanny sense for what her clients will want because she also sees her clients as more than clients. Through the process, they become friends. She loves the yelps of overwhelmed excitement and the spontaneous hugs she gets when she walks you through the door and you instantly connect with the place: you just know. This is Ann’s gift, the ability to know what you will love, and she sees herself spending the rest of her career making those connections.

Ann also sees her clients who want to make a sale, making that sale at the price that works for them. This is where her eye for design comes in. She’s got a knack for making a space look bigger, for making a “staged” house feel homier, and for welcoming people into a home that could become theirs. She sees both parties happy, her clients, and the clients on the other side of the deal. The nicest thing about real estate, for Ann, is that there is enough room for everyone to find their bliss.

Connecting Matters

To Ann, it is all about connecting. This is the most important value in her work. She chose this profession so she could stay connected to her children, and was overjoyed to find it actually empowered her to connect better with herself. It has given her the freedom and the flexibility to be completely herself in her work, fulfilling her wholehearted mission to be present in all she does.

Finally, she gets to connect to her clients, to befriend them, to make dreams come true, and to build relationships with both her clients and the other professionals in her business. Ann places enormous value on community, and she has seen her own community of friends and professional colleagues grow beyond her wildest imaginings. The ultimate goal of course, for Ann as a realtor, is to connect you to the home of your dreams. Talk to us if you are looking at working with real estate agents in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Brandon, Dell Rapids, or Tea. She takes it as a point of deep pride to be able to get you into or out of a house that will get you on the path to living the life you love. Now that’s a connection!