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Gearing Up For Back to School

Back to School

We know, we know… We can’t believe it’s that time of year already, either! Hearing the words “Back to School” makes some parents cringe, thinking of all the school supplies and new clothes they’ll have to shop for before school starts. Besides that, fall means the sporting events and other activities will now be added into parents’ already busy schedules. Remember that time of year can be fun!

Challenge your family to do some of the things you’ve been wanting to do this summer before the kids go back to school – and have fun with it! Make it a celebration! Ring in the school year with a bang and celebrate the anticipation of what comes next for your kids and families. Here are some ideas for things to do with the kids before they head back to school…

Family Move Night

Have the kids been begging to see Despicable Me 3? Go for a fun, family movie night, complete with popcorn. How to make it more enjoyable for mom & dad: Make it a casual outing – put the kids in their jammies before you head to the theater, and be sure you wear your sweats, too! Bonus: It’ll be easier to put everyone to bed once you get home!

Back-to-School Shopping

Do you dread back-to-school shopping with the kids? Have the kids help! Make it a scavenger hunt or find some small incentive to keep everyone focused on finding all the items on their list in a concise amount of time and in an organized way. If they are old enough, have them collect their own school supplies. If not, pair up each child with an adult – spouse, friends, grandparents – so you don’t have to fill out everyone’s list on your own. Go for an ice cream treat to celebrate once the task is done!

Pool Party

Say good-bye to summer pool days with a pool party! Keep it simple and get the neighborhood kids together to play in the sprinkler or kiddie pool in the backyard or organize a group trip to the local pool or park for a day of fun before everyone goes back to school for the fall.

Grandparents’ Day

What better way to give yourself a small break before the school year begins than to send the kids off for a day trip with Grandma and Grandpa?! The kids and grandparents both will be be thrilled, and you’ll get a mini vacation before the chaos of fall ensues! Have them go for an outing at the zoo for the afternoon or for one last weekend trip to the lake.